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Hammer Bomb is an action-packed first-person dungeon crawler where you try to make it through dangerous dungeons by collecting treasure, gaining experience, and killing lots of monsters.

The game system in Hammer Bomb is quite original. Your character moves forward through the dungeon automatically, and you just have to slide to one side or the other to turn and go through the tunnels. If you encounter an enemy and you have no weapons, your hero will lose a life, so it's usually better to avoid the enemies and turn around.

The dungeons in Hammer Bomb are full of dangers, such as traps and monsters, but also treasures. Not only can you find coins to buy upgrades later, but also weapons for fighting against enemies. You can use swords, bows and arrows, hammers, or bombs to kill them all.

Hammer Bomb is an entertaining game that gives a successful twist to the traditional dungeon crawler concept. The graphics are similar to Minecraft's and look great.
Hammer Bomb: An intense dungeon crawler you should definitely play

A small change to a much-played genre can totally shake up the gaming experience. Standard dungeon crawler games involve exploring maps full of narrow halls that you patiently traverse till you find what you're looking for – usually dodging traps and bad guys along the way. But what if your character moves automatically like in smartphone endless runnersThe answer to this question is a proper noun: Hammer Bomb. This free Android game is one that we absolutely insist you check out.
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Requires Android 3.2 or higher

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